Institutions.What are they, if not champions of a certain set of values? Over the last 46 years, we've championed Objectivity. Boldness. Perspective. Through an unrelenting focus, and a sharp sense of purpose.
Today marks a special milestone in our journey. Our new visual identity; a modern-day interpretation of timeless values.
The beacon, a powerful symbol for bringing perspective to issues that matter. A metaphor rendered with boldness and dynamism, that is both contemporary and with gravitas.
This is the Mumbai Press Club.


The idea of setting up a Press Club emerged in 1968. Journalists were the lowest-paid white-collar employees those days, and they had to fight every inch of the way to get their due. During the course of this struggle, they found that even in smaller cities such as Lucknow, Bhopal and Cochin, journalist unions had founded press clubs and had set up their own buildings. They decided that they should have one in Bombay too.
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The all new Clubhouse

From 1970 to 2006, members and committees dreamed of improving the Press Club premises; and many a plan was made on the drawing board to build a modern clubhouse in the place of the old, asbestos-covered Mhada barracks. However, these remained dreams till finally in 2006 a committee headed by Devendra Mohan and Gurbir Singh launched an ambitious Rs 1.2 crore project for rebuilding a world class Clubhouse. The new, rebuilt Press Club was finally inaugurated by Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh at a glittering ceremony on March 28, 2008.
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To read the Bye-laws and Rules and Regulations of the Press Club, Mumbai,
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