The aims and objectives of the Club are:

A. To provide members means of professional, educational, social, cultural and recreational activities and to establish, maintain and conduct a Club for the use and benefit of members, their families and guests, and maintain a Club house.

B. To open and maintain Club branches in more than one location within the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

C. To provide, as may be feasible and convenient, facilities such as reading room and library for the use of members.

D. To establish and/or support institutions and activities designed for training of working journalists and advancement of their professional skill and equipment. e. to provide wherever feasible and in the general interest of the members, assistance in support of the Brihan Mumbai Union of Journalists, the Founder of the Club, and other organizations of working journalists.

E. To provide, to the extent feasible, facilities for holding press conferences, meetings, symposia and activities of professional interest.

F. To purchase, hire, make, provide or maintain and/or dispose of all kinds of furniture, utensils, glassware, linen, books, papers, periodicals, stationery, cards, games and other material required for the functioning of the Club.

G. To make, buy, prepare, supply and sell all kinds of provisions and refreshments as may be required, and generally to carry on the business of a hotel, restaurant, cafe, tavern, refreshment room or a lodging house, for the benefit and convenience of the members, their families and guests

H. To purchase, take on lease or in exchange or otherwise acquire land, building or property movable or immovable, for the Club and to sell any of its acquisition.

I. To promote and/or finance on its own or in co-operation with other institutions project for the education and training of journalists, by way of grants, awards, scholarships and such other means.

J. To provide relief to ordinary and honorary members and/or their families in indigent circumstances.

K. To provide to the extent feasible and at reasonable charges temporary lodging and allied facilities for visiting journalists.

L. To carry on all such other lawful activities as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.