Journalists mob Modi for selfies, ethics take a beating

  • Jyoti Sharma Bawa, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Nov 28, 2015


On a sunny Saturday, India’s Fourth Estate congregated in BJP’s office in Delhi for Diwali Milan with only one aim on their minds: To click a selfie with the Prime Minister. For the said picture, they mobbed and they shoved, they posed and they scrambled.

Like any good journalist, instead of what and where, we need to explore the why of an event. Why would seasoned professionals who know that they are supposed to form opinions and stay neutral in the face of political promiscuity suddenly give up every belief for a picture? And they did it on camera, no less!

Or maybe, just maybe, those present thought ‘Mr PM, can I have a selfie with you?’ was an important question whose answer India really wanted to know. Then, maybe a refresher course in Journalism 101 is in order. The most important lesson: Uncomfortable questions are a yes, fawning selfies are not.

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Article posted on 29/11/2015

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