Mumbai Press Club, Skoda spreads message of safe driving

About 30 journalist members of the Mumbai Press Club had an exhilarating weekend driving on the picturesque route from Mumbai to Nashik and back spreading out the message of safe and responsible driving along with SKODA India, one of the biggest and fastest growing automobile companies of the world. 

The journalists not only got a feel of a some new age vehicles and SUVs, but also took lessons on safe and responsible driving.

It was an endeavour to spread the message of “Safe and Responsible Driving” that brought Mumbai Press Club in partnership SKODA India for the April 8-9 car rally.

There was also the spirit of rally driving with teams and support vehicles. On Saturday morning, Skoda India managing director Sudhir Rao flagged off the drive from the Mumbai Press Club after a brief presentation in presence of Head of Communications Denver Fonseca.

“Media plays a very important role in the society and we are honoured to be associated with the Mumbai Press Club. Media is playing a big role in creating awareness about driving and road safety and we are committed to it,” said Sudhir Rao.

The drive is one more initiative by the Mumbai Press to give new experiences to our members, and to bring them closer to nature and adventure and inculcate the practice of safe driving.

The first edition of Mumbai Press Club Skoda India car rally was held in August 2015 between Mumbai and Lavasa.





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Article posted on 13/04/2017

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